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Where can I check the status of a wire I am expecting?

The University Controller’s Office, Cash Management website, displays an up-to-date list of bank wires that are sent as payments and have not been claimed by any department. The list is updated monthly and can be found by going to the Controller’s Office page Cash Management and Banking and select the Wire Suspense link.

All the information that is available in relation to the wire is listed on the spreadsheet.

  • The Journal Voucher Date is the approximate date of receipt.
  • The Description Given column is the information we receive from the bank.

If any of these wires belong to your department, please contact ncsucashmgmt@ncsu.edu and provide some type of backup documentation or certification demonstrating that the funds belong to your department.


If you are expecting an electronic payment, make sure to contact ncsucashmgmt@ncsu.edu and provide wire information such as:

  • Approximate date funds are expected
  • Sender
  • Amount expected
  • Project ID funds belong to

This will help the Cash Services team match the funds with the owners and make the funds available in a timely manner.


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Updated on March 28, 2023

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