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What type of funds are 3xxxxx projects?

It depends on the specific Project ID. Projects in the 3xxxxx series are subdivided into two major types of funding sources:

  • 30xxxx – 34xxxx funding source is State Appropriations – Academic Affairs

  • 35xxxx – 39xxxx funding source is Auxiliary Sales, and Sales and Services

Understanding the difference between an account code vs. project (Project ID), vs. fund code:

Accounts are accounting classifications of a transaction used in reporting and tracking of resources. Has a length of 5 digits, for example:

1xxxx – Asset
2xxxx – Liability
3xxxx – Fund Balance
4xxxx – Revenues
5xxxx – Expenses

Projects are key chartfields for all financial transactions and are the number assigned to track receipt and spending of like resources. Has a length of 6 digits, for example, 234567. Can have phases that will add an additional 5 digits (i.e. 234567-12345)

Fund Codes indicate the source from where the resources came from and have different rules governing what type of business can be conducted in association with that fund. Has a length of 5 digits, for example :

160xx – State Appropriated Funds (16030-Academic Affairs, 16031-Agricultural Research Service, and 16032-Cooperative Extension Service)
4xxxx – Capital Improvement Funds
07xxx – External Foundations
91000 – Institutional Trust Funds

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Updated on May 26, 2023

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