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What is the NC State Spending Guidelines?

The Spending Guidelines is a guide designed to empower NC State employees as they make spending decisions.

Excerpt from the Spending Guidelines:

One of the unique characteristics of being a public university is the wide variety of sources of funds that we manage, each of which has its own spending characteristics. This guide has been developed to help employees become knowledgeable of the rules, regulations and precedents that have been put in place to ensure that wise spending decisions are made at all times. Through this knowledge, university employees will be empowered to carry out the university’s mission effectively while engaging in spending practices that are legal, fiscally responsible, and politically sound. 

Employees are stewards of the university’s resources and accountable to numerous stakeholders. Setting a high standard of ethical behavior and following established checks and balances protects both the university and the employee

Topics included in this guide are:

  • Fund Sources
  • Guidelines For Specific Fund Types
  • Best Practices
  • Resources

To learn more about these topics, please visit the Spending Guidelines.

Updated on November 8, 2021

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