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What is the balance of my Endowment Fund project?

For information about individual projects in all ledgers, you can use the University’s Wolfpack Reporting System (WRS).

Foundations Accounting & Investments (FAI) has also developed a number of useful reports for campus customers who may need information for multiple projects within a foundation. Some of the reports are designed to list all projects within a foundation, while others are designed only to list the General Fund (unrestricted) projects within a foundation. All reports can be downloaded to Excel.

It is important to note that the financial information included in the WolfPack Reporting System and the Foundation Campus Reports are at book value. For general fund projects, as well as restricted funds, including regular restricted funds as well as endowment income funds, the book value is appropriate, as it represents the amount of funds that can be spent. However, for endowment principal funds, users typically are interested in market value, which is not accounted for in these systems. To find information on market values, you must use the Fundriver unitization system.

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Select this link to access the FAI Reporting Tool page, which includes instructions for all of these reporting tools.

Updated on August 26, 2020

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