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What is Foundations Accounting & Investments?

Foundations Accounting & Investments (FAI) is a multi-service office to twenty entities including the NC State Investment Fund, Inc. (NCSIF), seven University-affiliated foundations including one subsidiary, Executive Education, LLC, the Alumni Association, the University Endowment Fund, and the NC State Partnership Corporation along with its eight subsidiary LLC’s – Centennial Development, LLC, (Lonnie Poole Golf Course), the Bell Tower Holdings, LLC, the CBC Land I, LLC, the NC State Upfit, LLC, the CC Holdings I, LLC, the Leaders in Innovation and Nonwovens Commercialization, LLC (LINC), C2I, LLC and Wolfpack Investor Network, LLC (WIN). These entities provide services and resources to students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, and other “friends” of the University.

The Foundations Accounting & Investments Office reports to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and University Treasurer.

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Updated on February 17, 2022

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