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What is FIN-CAM-101 about?

FIN-CAM-101 is the Asset Management and Surplus Training course, a requirement for gaining AM (Asset Management) Coordinator role.

In this course, you will learn how to search and update asset records as well as how to properly dispose of capital assets and University property.

  • Introduction Module: Getting Started
  • Module 1: Introduction to Asset Management
  • Module 2: Looking Up an Asset
  • Module 3: AM Coordinator Responsibilities
  • Module 4: Transferring an Asset
  • Module 5: Disposing of an Asset
  • Module 6: Surplusing an Asset
  • Module 7: University Property with Special Considerations
  • Module 8: Best Practices
  • Module 9: Final Assessment
  • Exit Module


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Search for assets in the Asset Management module by using the recommended search methods.
  • Follow best practices associated with the timely and accurate maintenance of asset records.
  • Submit accurate Surplus Requests.
  • Pass the Final Assessment with a minimum score of 90%.


  • Self Paced
    This means there is no time limit to complete it. However, please keep in mind that successful completion of this course is a requirement for gaining the Asset Management Coordinator role.
  • Course Modules with Knowledge Checks
    The course content has been divided into a total of 11 modules. More information about the modules will be found later in this lesson. At the end of each module, you will have the opportunity to verify what you have learned by completing the Quick Knowledge Check activity. These are questions presented to you in different formats (multiple/single choice, true/false, drag and drop). There is no grade associated with the knowledge check questions. However, the Final Assessment will include questions from the Quick Knowledge Check pool so make sure to go over these as many times as you need to!
  • Completion Time
    It is estimated that you will need between two and three hours to complete the entire course. Depending on your availability, you may decide to take the course in one sitting or to break it down by one or two modules at a time.
  • Open Book Final Assessment
    The Final Assessment, which is a requirement for successful completion of the course, consists of 20 questions. Feel free to use the Asset Management and Surplus Manual or the course modules to answer the questions in the assessment. There is no time limit to complete it but you will have three chances to pass it with the required 90% score.
  • Certificate of Completion
    Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, which you will send to your Departmental SAR Administrator to request the Asset Management Coordinator role.

Select this link to sign up for Asset Management and Surplus Training via REPORTER.

Updated on March 2, 2020

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