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What is a salary/payroll redistribution?

REG 10.05.08 – Payroll Redistributions are special journal vouchers used to adjust all payroll charges (salaries and benefits) made in prior pay periods. These are entered in the Human Resources System and include both monthly and biweekly payroll charges.

Payroll Redistributions are reflected on the Labor Distribution Report in the month in which they are processed with the corresponding payroll ID of the pay period being adjusted.

If you have questions or concerns about salary/payroll redistributions associated with sponsored research projects, please review REG 10.05.08 – Payroll Redistributions or contact your college/department Research Administration Office.

If neither can sufficiently address your concern, contact the Office Contracts & Grants Help Desk at cnghelpdesk@ncsu.edu.

Updated on July 19, 2022

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