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What funding source can be used to purchase bottled water?

State appropriated funds are not allowed for the purchase of bottled water or for the rental or purchase of water dispensers. In the event that the quality of the water in a campus building is in question, the department should contact the Office of Environmental Health and Safety to have the water tested. The Facilities Division may also be contacted to determine if additional water fountains are needed.

Outside of Wake County, the local water utility or health department should be contacted. A portable water dispenser can be rented or bottled water purchased from state appropriated or overhead funds only if there is a health/safety reason for the purchase.

Examples that might warrant the purchase or rental of water dispensers or bottled water include:

  • A temporary condition where water quality in a facility is below state standards
  • University personnel (for example, Facilities’ personnel or farm personnel) is working under weather or other conditions where water is not available.

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Updated on November 22, 2021

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