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What funding source can be used to pay for coffee service?

Determining allowable funding sources for coffee break service depends on the type of event and specific circumstances surrounding the event. Please refer to the Conference & Meeting Expenses guide for additional details to determine allowability for coffee break service in the following areas:

  • External Conferences and Employee Training Exenses, and
  • Internal Conferences and Meeting Expenses.

Facilities and Administration funds may not be used to pay for refreshments under any circumstances.

One of the unique characteristics of being a public university is the wide variety of sources of funds that we manage, each of which has its own spending characteristics. To help employees become knowledgeable of the rules, regulations and precedents that have been put in place to ensure wise spending decisions at all times, the Controller’s Office has published the Spending Guidelines. Please review this document to determine the funding source for all expenses.

The rule of thumb when considering a purchase is that the funding source must support the activity or event.

Updated on October 10, 2022

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