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What are the rules for purchasing PCs or laptops?

  • All purchases of desktops, laptops and tablets are required to be selected from standardized CPI configurations.
  • In some circumstances, exception requests are allowed.
  • The MarketPlace e-procurement system must be used for all purchases.
  • No purchase orders (POs), vouchers or campus Pcards can be used.
  • Purchases must be selected from the UNC-approved list of vendors and products.
    • Windows desktops and laptops can be purchased only through:
      • Dell
      • Lenovo
      • Hewlett Packard (CPI offerings found through CDW-G).
    • Apple desktops and laptops are not eligible for the CPI program but may still be purchased.
      • Throughout the year, the UNC system office coordinates bulk purchases that receive discounts from Apple.
      • Notifications are sent out in advance of the bulk purchase deadline.

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Updated on March 16, 2021

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