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What are the requirements for using a PCard?

Standard Allowable Purchases

The PCard may be used for the following university business expenses:

  • Conference registrations
  • Utility payments
  • Office supplies (although always shop the MarketPlace first)
  • Scientific supplies (although always shop the MarketPlace first)
  • Groceries (food for human and non-human consumption should be documented appropriately and approved by your department/college)
  • Gift cards for employees, non-employees, and research incentive payments, when approved by your college/department (Please refer to the Sponsored Programs guidelines for research incentive payments and to the Controller’s guidelines for 1099 reporting for employee and non-employee gift card purchases)

Meal Charges

Meal Charges are allowed regardless of travel status when:

  • Entertaining a group of individuals (i.e. not just the cardholder).
  • They are business related and approved by the college/department. 
  • They have appropriate documentation. 
    • Submit a list of attendees and business purpose with your documentation; this could be in the form of an AP107. Please check with your college/department on what documentation is required.
  • Per diem meals are NEVER allowed.

Non-Allowable Purchases

PCards CANNOT be used for the following:

  1. Personal meals.
  2. Payments to individuals (including grant-writing, honorariums, etc).
  3. Hotel incidental charges such as movies, bottled water, room service and laundry.
  4. Third-party lodging (ex: AirBnB, VRBO).
  5. Fuel for a personal vehicle.
  6. Additional insurance on rental vehicles in the U.S.
  7. Goods or services for personal use.
  8. Payments to other NC State University departments (with the exception of Campus Enterprises businesses). Use an interdepartmental transfer (IDT) or service unit billing (SUB) for these purchases.
  9. Parking Infractions: The individual driver is responsible for how and where they park regardless of who owns the vehicle. Refer to the policy under the Controller’s Travel Center.
  10. Additional merchant category restrictions as described below.

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Updated on February 17, 2022

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