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MarketPlace Resources

MarketPlace Manual

The MarketPlace is a self-service, e-procurement tool that automates the full procurement process, from order creation to payment, saving both time and money. As a MarketPlace approved user, you can shop for goods and services, create and route requisitions for approval, and document the receipt of orders online.

The MarketPlace Manual provides quick access to guidelines and step-by-step instructions for shopping, submitting, receiving, and canceling a MarketPlace order.

Click to access the MarketPlace Manual.

MarketPlace Training

The MarketPlace Training online course is a requirement for gaining access to the MarketPlace and is also recommended as a refresher for learning how to use the MarketPlace more effectively.

This course is one of three courses required to become a Certified Departmental Purchasing Representative.  The other two courses are Purchasing 101 and Purchasing 102.

Sign up for MarketPlace Training.

MarketPlace Videos

This playlist is designed to provide quick access to useful how-to video tutorials for all things MarketPlace.

Watch MarketPlace Videos.

MarketPlace Website

Visit the MarketPlace Website.

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Updated on November 9, 2020

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