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I received a check in my unit. How do I make University deposits?

Check with your departmental or college business office for specific instructions OR follow the general instructions below:

  • Checks or cash received by campus departments (not in payment of a University Invoice) should be deposited no later than the next business day at the University Cashier’s Office. Please be sure to include the project and G/L account for the deposit.
  • If the check is for payment of a University Invoice, please take the check to the University Controller’s Office no later than the next business day. These checks should not be routed through University mail; they should be routed either by armored car or physical drop-off at the Controller’s Office. ** Be sure to bring supporting documentation to ensure the payment can be properly applied.

University Controller’s Office Location:
Administrative Services II
2711 Sullivan Drive
Campus Box 7205
Raleigh, NC 27695

  • Funds received in relation to Contracts and Grants (award payments, refund of expenditures, program income, etc.) should follow deposit instructions for payments/receivables.
  • Deposits to Foundation funds (Ledger 6 projects) must be sent to either Advancement Services or FAI (Foundations Accounting & Investments) for processing. Deposits to ledger 6 projects should never be made through the University Cashier’s Office.
    • If the deposit is for a gift, it should be sent to Advancement Services, where it will be recorded by Gift Processing and then forwarded to FAI for deposit.
    • Additional information is available in the Advancement Services website, Standard Operating Procedures for Acceptance of Gifts link.
    • Forms are located on the Advancement Services website. 
    • If the deposit is for other income, it should be sent directly to FAI, with appropriate documentation.
  • The proceeds from all fundraising activities must be deposited into the legal entity from which they were marketed and/or solicited no later than the next business day. Please contact University Advancement for more information.

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Updated on March 16, 2020

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