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How do I make a departmental deposit?

The University has determined that the most cost-effective way for departments located in the immediate Central Campus area to transmit funds for deposits to the University Cashier’s Office on a timely basis is by using the authorized secure pickup service.

Pickups are based on the Site Location List submitted to the Armored Car Service. Departments may contact ucodeposits@ncsu.edu or (919) 515-9938 to make changes to service as necessary.

Each department will be billed via journal voucher monthly. Departments should verify that the charges agree with the pickups being made. If a department disagrees with the amounts being charged, they should contact the Cashier’s Office promptly.

The process instructions for making a departmental deposit can be found in REG 07.30.02 – Receipt Centers – Deposit of Funds.

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Updated on December 18, 2023

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