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How do I determine the Received Date for Services when creating a voucher?

Use the first date of service to document the received date in the Goods/Services Received Date field on the voucher.

Services Performed should be received in full, from beginning service date to ending service date, prior to payment. Examples include speakers, trainers, consultants, musicians, plumbers, painters, lawn maintenance, etc.

A. If prepayment is requested from the vendor, contact university accounts payable (A/P) to discuss. Prepayments are allowable in limited circumstances and are not payable with state funds. If approved, utilize the voucher’s Prepaid Checkbox instead of entering a received date.

B. Payment arrangements can be coordinated to ensure that payment is delivered on the last day of service either through check or electronic payment.

Service Agreements billed for utilities, subscriptions, maintenance agreements, insurance, rentals, and other services customarily billed prior to the begin date of service, can be paid when billed. For example, if a software subscription is billed prior to the first date of service, it is appropriate to check the prepaid/refund box on the voucher and not add a service received date.

A. Service agreements can be billed before, during, and even after services have been rendered; vendors have various billing practices.

B. Service agreements paid during the fiscal year should equal 12 months of service. Multi-year service agreements, billed on one invoice for future service dates, will be reviewed by A/P to determine if there is a cost savings. If there is a cost savings to the university, document that information on the voucher for quicker processing.

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Updated on August 12, 2022

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