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How do I add/delete Project IDs on the Fedex.com Reference List?

After your SAR Administrator has established your shipper Role, you will be able to update the Fedex Section in My Profile and add or delete your Project IDs, as needed.

On the FedEx.com website, Project IDs are called Reference IDs.

For Step-by-step instructions for how to add and delete project ID’s from your list please visit the Shipping and Receiving Manual, Chapter 2: How to Set Up the FedEx section on the My Profile page.

For existing profiles, you will receive an email confirming any changes or updates. These changes typically take 24-48 hours. Not including weekends or holidays. 

For new profiles, You will receive an email with your username and password with basic instructions between three and five business days after setting up the FedEx section of the My Profile Page.

Fedex.com and the My Profile software are not connected. The administrative services staff update these changes after users save them in the My Profile Section of the MyPack Portal.

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Updated on January 25, 2023

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