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How are assets tagged?

  1. Assets are identified by Asset Management based on examination of vouchers, purchase orders, and invoices.
  2. Once a payment voucher is generated, the information is accumulated and pushed to Asset Management every two weeks in the form of a tagging list.
  3. Asset Management will then contact the AM Coordinator assigned to the department to arrange for the physical examination of the equipment.
  4. If the capitalization criteria are met, the equipment will receive a physical tag and the equipment information such as tag number, description, model, serial number, custodian department, location, and value are entered into the Asset Management System.

Fabrications are tagged when a notification of completion is received at assetmanagment@ncsu.edu and the fabrication documents are submitted and approved. The fabrication documents must include:

  • A listing of all the cost, vouchers and supporting documentation of the amount claimed for fabrication.
  • An approved Fabrication Project Maintenance Request must be available per the PI-Portal and the Equipment indicator must show the grantor approved a fabrication.

Fabrication are tagged based on the order of the request.

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Updated on November 14, 2023

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