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Financial Reporting Resources

Journal Entry Manual

The guidelines and instructions in the Journal Entry Manual have been developed to assist departments and colleges in understanding:

  • The types of journal entries used in the Financial System
  • What systems journal entries originate from
  • What are journal entries used for
  • Step by step instructions on creating a journal

Click to access the Journal Entry Manual.

OMAR Reconciliation and Tracking Guide

NC State’s Financial System contains official university records that are used by management at all levels, as well as by stakeholders such as the State of North Carolina, the UNC System, grantors, investors, and contributors.  The financial strength and viability of the university is shown in the financial statements. To maintain the integrity of those numbers, each unit must do its part in accurately recording, reconciling, and documenting all financial activity.

A recommended best practice for each department/college is to establish and document a control process for tracking and reconciliation of all financial transactions, with approval and review by the appropriate levels. This process should ensure that all financial transactions under the department’s/college’s control are recorded accurately and appropriately, and that review, reconciliation, and tracking is done on a regular and timely basis. 

The OMAR Reconciliation and Tracking Guide offers guidelines and step-by-step instructions for how to search, track, and reconcile transactions in the Financial System.

Click to access the OMAR Reconciliation and Tracking Guide.

OMAR Videos

This playlist is designed to provide quick access to useful how-to video tutorials for how to search reconcile, and track transactions.

Watch OMAR Videos.

Approving and Monitoring Departmental Financial Activities

These guidelines have been developed to assist campus users in understanding the requirements for approval of financial transactions and the subsequent monitoring or review of those transactions to ensure their proper accounting and reporting in the financial system.

Click to access the Approving and Monitoring Departmental Financial Activities document.

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Updated on April 23, 2021

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