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Contract Review Resources

Procurement Contract Manual

A contract is any document that legally binds the University to another party. Contracts can take many forms, including affiliation agreements, memoranda of understanding (MOUs), terms and conditions (T&Cs), letters of agreement, online click-through agreements, and a variety of other labels. Not all contracts involve the payment of money.

This manual provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the department when engaging in contractual processes, outlines step-by-step instructions for how to submit a contract for review, and provides guidelines for how to administer a contract.

Click to access the Procurement Contract Manual.

Purchasing 101 Training

This online course is the first of a three-course series required to become a Certified Departmental Purchasing Representative. The other two courses are MarketPlace Training and Purchasing 102.

This online course offers an introduction To procurement processes and guidelines including commodity-specific purchasing, contract review, and best practices.

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Purchasing 102 Training

This online course is the last of the three-course series required to become a Certified Departmental Purchasing Representative. The other two courses are MarketPlace Training and Purchasing 101.

This course takes a more in-depth look at the university’s and state’s spending guidelines and will walk participants through practical applications of the chart of expense accounts. Other topics in this course includes decision–making processes, writing specifications, RFQ/IFB/RFPs, evaluation of supplier bid responses, and procurement contracts.

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Contract Review Services Videos

This playlist is designed to provide quick access to useful how-to video tutorials for all things procurement contracts.

Watch Contract Review Videos.

Contract Review Website

Click to access the Contract Review Website.

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Updated on January 5, 2024

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