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Asset Management and Surplus Resources

Asset Management and Surplus Manual

Each department within NC State University is responsible for maintaining and safeguarding all assets, regardless of cost.  This manual offers detailed guidelines, processes, and instructions necessary for searching assets in the Asset Management module, following best practices associated with the timely and accurate maintenance of asset records, and submitting accurate Surplus Requests.

Click to access the Asset Management and Surplus Manual.

Property Tracking and Disposition Manual

This manual has been designed to provide NC State University staff and faculty with important information about processes, policies, and procedures that govern the transfer and disposition of NC State University owned or custodial property.

Click to access the Property Tracking and Disposition Manual.

Asset Management and Surplus Training

The Asset Management and Surplus Training online course is a requirement for gaining AM (Asset Management) Coordinator role. In this course, you will learn how to search and update asset records as well as how to properly dispose of capital assets and university property.

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Video Tutorials

This thorough playlist is designed to provide quick access to useful how-to video tutorials for all things Asset  Management and Surplus.

Watch Asset Management and Surplus Videos.

Capital Asset Management and Surplus Websites
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Updated on August 11, 2022

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