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Are there specific requirements for buying a safe?

When replacing a piece of university equipment such as a safe, there are a few general guidelines to remember:

  1. Purchase a safe that is fireproof/waterproof and meets the size requirements of your department. It should not be easily moved and if purchasing a digital safe, there should be alternate ways for the safe to be accessed in the event of a dead battery.
  2. The safe should be placed in an area inaccessible to the general public and with restricted access for departmental personnel.
  3. Use the MarketPlace first to get the best price on purchasing a new safe.
  4. Follow Surplus Property procedures to dispose of the old safe.

As required by both State of North Carolina and NC State Disposal of University Property regulations, all property, capital or non-capital, acquired by an NC State University department must be disposed of through NC State University Surplus.

Questions? Contact University Cash Management and Asset Services, or Surplus Property Services if you need further assistance.

Updated on September 9, 2022

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